New Appliances for Bigfoot

The renovations started yesterday!

The person that sold us the trailer (forever known as Lying Sack of Shit) said there were no leaks and all of the appliances worked…Turns out he was being less than honest.  Sure the furnace blows moderately warm air, but the bulk of the exhaust comes back into the trailer. The oven’s pilot light works but that’s as far as it goes; no cookies happening in there. He wasn’t lying about the leaks though…as long as it doesn’t rain.

The dream of buying a vintage trailer and only having to update its looks has quickly been shattered. We realize, that with two very full-time jobs and no driveway, we’re going to need some extra help. In steps Donald.

Last weekend we went to see a few RV repair people about the sagging roof and soggy walls. One guy didn’t seem overly keen on our plans but Donald was stoked and, even better, up-cycles parts from other RVs. This felt like a win-win for us and we decided to work with him to deal with the things we just won’t have time for. Turns out he had a full set of replacements for our retro RV equipment, a furnace, oven, range hood and a new converter for a good price.

We decided that Oregon might be a little cold with no heat. Since we had to pick up the appliances anyway, we figured it was a good time to put in the furnace. Donald agreed it wasn’t a big deal to install, so Mark headed out in the pouring rain to deal with it. Jaclyn went biking.


In order to install the new furnace, the oven needed to be removed. While Donald installed the furnace, Mark measured the the new oven. It was almost and identical size to the old one. Bonus!!! So they swapped it out too. It was a little sad to see the original oven go, since we had big plans to refinish it, but we couldn’t get parts to repair it.img_1438

Now we’re set for Christmas in our leaky little trailer. Bring on the cold temperatures and turkey (leg)!

In January, we’ll start gutting Michael the Bigfoot, so we can drop it off to Donald in February.


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  1. Let the buyer beware! Recently shopping for a trailer for DW’s sister, we ran across too many Lying SOS’s. My experience was vastly different. Wish it was the rule, not the exception. When we bought our Bigfoot the seller was 1000 miles away. She sent complete photos of the interior and exterior and represented the condition as excellent. Even offered to meet us halfway which we felt would commit us to buying sight unseen but off we went. It was everything she said it was and we’ve never looked back. We hope you have many years and memories ahead!

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