New Brunswick is Kind of Awesome

Jaclyn took a week and went home to New Brunswick with a bike. It wasn’t a trip in the Bigfoot, but she did sleep in a motorhome in her parent’s driveway so we count that as a road trip.   A brief synopsis of the trip: bikes, lobster, bikes, jeep, bikes, swimming, and beach. Full details below from Jaclyn.


It’s been a long time since I’ve been to New Brunswick, some say 9 years, I tend to disagree. Either way,  I had big plans to cram as much fun as I could into the week I was there. I really just wanted to eat lobster and ride my bike on empty country roads. Check and check.

It doesn’t get much better than this for roads.
Dad has a knack for planning rides around food and beer.

I wanted to bring my bike back with me because there was one bike ride I’ve been thinking about for a while. A loop from my parent’s new house, past our old house, then back. My dad agreed to do it with me, but we couldn’t really agree on the logistics of the ride. He claims we said out and back, I claimed I was clear about the full loop. We did the full loop….and then some, to the tune of over 100kms.  It may be the most fun road bike ride I’ve ever done. We saw all of the farm animals, ate ice cream, donuts, coffee and took all sorts of pictures.

Oops. Someone didn’t make the hill.
Oh look! A covered bridge!
Just one of the stops on the big bike ride.

No trip to New Brunswick is complete without having sticky buns from Kelly’s Bake Shop in Alma. Since my parents bought a jeep a while back, it made sense to take that offroading to the sticky buns instead of just going down the highway. I made dad take the roof off the jeep and he made me wear a hat. No problem though, he had the perfect hat to match my plaid (even though it’s the wrong plaid) shirt.

Yup. He regrets making me wear this hat.
Oh! Another covered bridge!
We found a great campsite. For future reference.
Finally! The sticky bun!
This place is only accessible by 4×4, but people still managed to get their campers down on the beach.

I got to eat lobster and drink beer on the beach thanks to Mom and her sneaky beach access. I got to see all my family on the East Coast and most of my friends that still live there, it was a pretty rad vacation.

Lobster, beer, books, and beach. This is the life.
Got to visit some friends and their babies.

I’m looking forward to going back and dragging my dad cross country on a bike for those sticky buns. He said he won’t do it…but I’m pretty sure he will.