Trailer life

We’ve spent 17 of the 40 days since the renovation was done in the trailer. We’ve learned some things.

Storage management…otherwise known as stopping our shit from flying around in the cupboards.

Common sense would dictate that you wouldn’t just pile a bunch of stuff into wide open cupboards, drive around and then expect it all to stay relatively in the same space. Well…..we’ve proven time and time again we don’t have common sense.

After a spilled container of walnuts, we had to figure something out. Cheap dollar store bins to the rescue! No more bananas fraternising with the bike gear.

Before: Food rubbing up against everything.
After: much better!

Feeding ourselves is pretty easy (who knew)!

We were worried about cooking in the trailer since it seems like no one actually uses their stoves or ovens inside their trailers for fear of smells. Aside from  barbecuing, all of our food gets made inside the trailer. We put in a new range hood fan and run it at the same time as the fantastic fan to keep food smells down. We also added pizza stones in the oven to distribute the heat and use cast iron pans on the stove top.

So far, Mark’s produced some pretty good food from the kitchen. Mostly it’s fajitas, but sometimes he throws a curve ball with a steak and salad or a burger. And bacon. Always bacon.

Breakfast of champions.
Coffee and fizzy water – a must have.

There’s still a lot to learn, but we’re keeping our shit organised and ourselves from starving, so far we’re calling it a win!

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