Long Weekend Vibes

Victoria Day Weekend marks the unofficial start to summer and camping season in Canada. We had just come back from one vacation, but didn’t want to sit out the long weekend. In addition to barely being unpacked from the last trip, work’s been busy and there was little talk of what to do next. After some more procrastination, we did a quick search and found that Hood River, Oregon, was within driving distance, had camping and decent biking. A couple of friends decided to join us. Sold! We had a long weekend plan.

We left North Vancouver Friday after work. Google Maps said it was about 6 hours. By the time we rolled into the campsite it was closer to 2 am….not quite 6 hours (thanks Google).

Viento State Park

We’ve stayed in Oregon State Parks in the past and liked them, so chose another state park for this trip. Viento State Park is just outside of Hood River on the side of the Columbia. Unfortunately it’s also nestled between the highway and a very active set of train tracks. It wasn’t too noticeable inside the trailer, but our friends could really hear the noise from their tent.

Morning coffees with friends…everyone’s got a camping cup.

Mountain biking was the plan for the weekend. The Cascadia Dirt Cup was going on at Post Canyon in Hood River on Saturday, so we took the chance to explore Syncline over in Washington to avoid the race crowds. This area was pretty busy with hikers and had a dog on leash rule until June 30th.  We ended up doing a short loop up the climbing trail and back down Little Moab (we did break the rules and let the dogs loose).


On Sunday we rode the race course (Ride Logs 2017) over at Post Canyon.  It was a long climb up (11 kms), but then mostly down(ish) for the next 22. The trails were a mix of wide open fast, berms and a couple of technical chutes thrown in to keep things interesting. Apparently it gets pretty dry and dusty down there, but we managed to hit the area at the right time and the trails were in great shape.

The views weren’t lacking on the 11 km climb to the top
Ribbons of dirt through the moss and trees.

The next morning we did a couple of shuttle laps down Bad Motor Scooter and Grand Prix before packing up and heading home….which was a long trip since we got stuck in Seattle traffic.

Views for days at Post Canyon

Next time we go down, we’ll stay at Wyeth Campground. It’s a little further out of town, but is on the opposite side of the highway and seems much quieter. We also need to find a better time to travel through Seattle. The traffic is terrible. Oh and we missed all the good ice cream this time around…so there’s that to look forward to.

Syncline Waterfalls

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