It has begun….

It seemed like we were never going to get to this point, but the trailer was finally dropped off to start the work. The list started out small, but quickly grew into a very long (and expensive sounding) one:

  • Bumper
  • Fresh water inlet
  • Tail lights
  • Propane pig tails
  • Twist lock power outlet
  • Relocate the batteries
  • Outdoor Shower
  • Solar
  • Roof repair
  • Wall replacement
  • LED fixtures and switches
  • Fantastic Fan
  • On demand water Heater
  • Appliance replacement, except the fridge
  • New mattress
  • Entry door
  • Counter

There’s probably more that isn’t mentioned here…

Parts, parts, parts

Thankfully we’ve been pretty lucky at keeping costs down with some good shopping online, repurposing parts from other trailers, and finding some sweet discounts at Ikea and the fabric store.

The goal is to keep the original wood look for the interior. We haven’t been able to get an exact match, but managed to get some slightly lighter oak panels.

Once everything was taken down, we found out there were no roof trusses to begin with. The sagging makes more sense now. The good news is that the fibreglass and floor are in good shape.


Discount counter and fabric…we still can’t find the “chip” in the counter.
No supports for this guy…oops.
Check out that bumper, no rot on that thing.
Almost everything is coming out. This stays.

Now we’ve just got to sew a million feet of curtains, find a new mattress and then cross our fingers that it’s done in time to take a quick trip down south.

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