Better late than never? Oregon pt2

Well, this was long overdue. Here’s the rest of the Oregon trip.

After Fort Stevens, we planned on going down to Nehalem State Park for the rest of the trip. The cycling goal was still looming and we had our fingers crossed for more good weather.

Of course we had to stop at Cannon Beach to see Haystack Rock like all the other tourists.

Yup that’s a big rock.

While in Cannon Beach, we confirmed a theory we’ve had for a while when travelling in the US. Coffees should only be bought from roadside shacks/sheds/trailers. On the drive down to Cannon Beach we kept missing the little shacks, so we went to a legit coffee shop. It was terrible. Lesson learned.

Anyways, we arrived at the state park with our crappy coffees in hand. This park was completely different than Fort Stevens. The sites weren’t as private, but they were almost directly on the beach. We found out a couple of hours later how much the dunes we were camped behind cut down the wind.

It rained. It was windy. It rained a lot. All night. So much that the low spots of the campground were underwater.  But it only lasted overnight and the next day was back to blue skies. Most importantly during the rain (and possibly the whole trip), we tried the egg McMuffin maker Jaclyn’s parents bought us. Forever known as THE BEST THING EVER! Essentially we ate egg McMuffins everyday for the rest of the trip.

This park also had some great bike paths. And horse paths, that we rode on…obviously.

pew pew pew

Technically, one of us was still supposed to be “working”. Turns out, the little trailer is enough room to live and work. Mark doesn’t necessarily agree that it’s big enough to live in full time though.

Small space living





Even with Mark’s “working”, we still managed to go to the cheese factory. There are no pictures due to the fact that we were too busy stuffing our faces with free cheese.

The beaches were pretty empty…windy, but empty.

Windy dunes!

The next day was clear and warm. Mark really did have to work, so he headed out for some free wi-fi. Fuelled full of breakfast sandwiches, I took the chance to finish off the distance I still needed to reach my annual km goal. I thought it would be fun to ride down the Oregon Coast highway. It wasn’t. I quickly left and wandered aimlessly through country roads. Those were fun. I was trying to find the Bison Mark saw the day before, but I think it was just a fuzzy cow.

Not a bad place for a bike ride
Selfie or it didn’t happen








I spent the entire day riding, Mark spent it working. Seems fair enough.

Where the trail ends.


Sun’s going down, time to head back.

After 10 days on the Coast it was time to go home to see some friends get married. We’ll definitely be back. Maybe Christmas next year.




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