Christmas…and Other Misadventures on the Oregon Coast pt 1

Aside from the convenience, one the reasons for buying a hard-sided trailer was extending the camping season into winter. With the crappy Vancouver weather, we decided it was time to test out the winter camping theory down on the Oregon Coast…But as we’ve come to learn, nothing’s quite as easy as it seems with the Bigfoot.

We planned, we packed, we somehow lost the only set of trailer keys we own. Awesome. So we called in a locksmith to get into the trailer and $120 later we were rolling south from a cold and rainy Vancouver to hopefully a better climate.

The locksmith did a great job of lubing up the 30 year old deadbolt. Somehow it managed to bump itself closed again. After much swearing, we broke into the trailer and realized we wasted $120.

Thankfully that was the only real problem and we rolled into Fort Stevens State Park for Christmas.

We managed to pilfer our fake Christmas tree and make a tiny tree for the trailer, complete with one ornament from our friend Kelsie (Kelsie’s Instagram). We were also really set on still eating Christmas dinner in the trailer. We had a pretty good idea of what we were doing with the oven and, after a few touch and go moments, dinner was ready. Mark had read that baking stones would even out the heat in the oven. It was a great tip and the turkey was delicious.


Jaclyn had a distance goal for cycling this year and wasn’t quite there. We decided to take advantage of the good weather to get the last of the outstanding kilometres over the coming week.

Fort Stevens used to be a military site so there was a lot to explore and there were bike paths connecting everything in the park, so we didn’t have to drive or walk anywhere and managed to take a chunk out of the remaining distance.

Since there were cars on the beach, we figured we could ride the cross bikes out there…in the dark.

Speaking of beaches, it wouldn’t be a trip to the Oregon Coast if we didn’t actually go to the beach. Look! A shipwreck! And a sunset!


 The dogs might have loved the beach more than us. The daily run on the beach became something all of them looked forward each night.

After a couple of days in the park, we packed up and started rolling further south the Nehalem Bay…