Grab a drink, this is going to be a long post (you’ve been warned). After what seemed like a lot of delays, the trailer is “finished”. We’re going to use the term finished loosely because there’s still a lot left to do. We knew once we had really taken a close look at the trailer that we were a little out of our comfort zone with the renovation.  There was a significant amount of water damage, almost every wall was going to need replacement. The roof…Continue Reading “Are we Done Yet? Nope….”

It seemed like we were never going to get to this point, but the trailer was finally dropped off to start the work. The list started out small, but quickly grew into a very long (and expensive sounding) one: Bumper Fresh water inlet Tail lights Propane pig tails Twist lock power outlet Relocate the batteries Outdoor Shower Solar Roof repair Wall replacement LED fixtures and switches Fantastic Fan On demand water Heater Appliance replacement, except the fridge New mattress Entry door Counter There’s probably more…Continue Reading “It has begun….”

The renovations started yesterday! The person that sold us the trailer (forever known as Lying Sack of Shit) said there were no leaks and all of the appliances worked…Turns out he was being less than honest.  Sure the furnace blows moderately warm air, but the bulk of the exhaust comes back into the trailer. The oven’s pilot light works but that’s as far as it goes; no cookies happening in there. He wasn’t lying about the leaks though…as long as it doesn’t rain. The dream of buying a vintage trailer and only having to…Continue Reading “New Appliances for Bigfoot”