Jaclyn took a week and went home to New Brunswick with a bike. It wasn’t a trip in the Bigfoot, but she did sleep in a motorhome in her parent’s driveway so we count that as a road trip.   A brief synopsis of the trip: bikes, lobster, bikes, jeep, bikes, swimming, and beach. Full details below from Jaclyn. ~ It’s been a long time since I’ve been to New Brunswick, some say 9 years, I tend to disagree. Either way,  I had big plans to…Continue Reading “New Brunswick is Kind of Awesome”

Where has the Summer gone? Bikes and Camping. Jaclyn took a trip to New Brunswick, but that’s a whole different story. Last time we checked, it was the May long weekend and we were in Hood River. Now it’s August and we’re planning a September trip to Yellowstone. Along with trip planning, we’ve got a busy month coming up: Crankworx, Big White CNEC, and a Heli-drop in Pemberton. In the meantime, here’s what we’ve been up to so far. We spent some time in Owl…Continue Reading “What’s up Summer?”

We’ve spent 17 of the 40 days since the renovation was done in the trailer. We’ve learned some things. Storage management…otherwise known as stopping our shit from flying around in the cupboards. Common sense would dictate that you wouldn’t just pile a bunch of stuff into wide open cupboards, drive around and then expect it all to stay relatively in the same space. Well…..we’ve proven time and time again we don’t have common sense. After a spilled container of walnuts, we had to figure something…Continue Reading “Trailer life”

Victoria Day Weekend marks the unofficial start to summer and camping season in Canada. We had just come back from one vacation, but didn’t want to sit out the long weekend. In addition to barely being unpacked from the last trip, work’s been busy and there was little talk of what to do next. After some more procrastination, we did a quick search and found that Hood River, Oregon, was within driving distance, had camping and decent biking. A couple of friends decided to join us. Sold!…Continue Reading “Long Weekend Vibes”

Grab a drink, this is going to be a long post (you’ve been warned). After what seemed like a lot of delays, the trailer is “finished”. We’re going to use the term finished loosely because there’s still a lot left to do. We knew once we had really taken a close look at the trailer that we were a little out of our comfort zone with the renovation.  There was a significant amount of water damage, almost every wall was going to need replacement. The roof…Continue Reading “Are we Done Yet? Nope….”

A longer than normal winter had us wanting to go somewhere warm and dry. With the trailer finished, we were ready to leave for a better climate in the desert. We had a loose plan of heading to Grand Junction for a couple of days then to Moab, Utah for another 5 or 6 and then back home. When we had the tent trailer, we had to plan our stops. We didn’t like the idea of sleeping in a rest stop with it. With the…Continue Reading “Desert Life”

It seemed like we were never going to get to this point, but the trailer was finally dropped off to start the work. The list started out small, but quickly grew into a very long (and expensive sounding) one: Bumper Fresh water inlet Tail lights Propane pig tails Twist lock power outlet Relocate the batteries Outdoor Shower Solar Roof repair Wall replacement LED fixtures and switches Fantastic Fan On demand water Heater Appliance replacement, except the fridge New mattress Entry door Counter There’s probably more…Continue Reading “It has begun….”

Well, this was long overdue. Here’s the rest of the Oregon trip. After Fort Stevens, we planned on going down to Nehalem State Park for the rest of the trip. The cycling goal was still looming and we had our fingers crossed for more good weather. Of course we had to stop at Cannon Beach to see Haystack Rock like all the other tourists. While in Cannon Beach, we confirmed a theory we’ve had for a while when travelling in the US. Coffees should only…Continue Reading “Better late than never? Oregon pt2”

Aside from the convenience, one the reasons for buying a hard-sided trailer was extending the camping season into winter. With the crappy Vancouver weather, we decided it was time to test out the winter camping theory down on the Oregon Coast…But as we’ve come to learn, nothing’s quite as easy as it seems with the Bigfoot. We planned, we packed, we somehow lost the only set of trailer keys we own. Awesome. So we called in a locksmith to get into the trailer and $120 later we were rolling…Continue Reading “Christmas…and Other Misadventures on the Oregon Coast pt 1”

The renovations started yesterday! The person that sold us the trailer (forever known as Lying Sack of Shit) said there were no leaks and all of the appliances worked…Turns out he was being less than honest.  Sure the furnace blows moderately warm air, but the bulk of the exhaust comes back into the trailer. The oven’s pilot light works but that’s as far as it goes; no cookies happening in there. He wasn’t lying about the leaks though…as long as it doesn’t rain. The dream of buying a vintage trailer and only having to…Continue Reading “New Appliances for Bigfoot”